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Individual solutions

Exceptional web-projects need custom-made dedicated solutions to suit, so I shall direct all activity to provide you an individual and unique product.

Responsive Design

Nowadays more than 50% people are visiting webpage with their cell phone, so it's really important that your own webpage is comfortable with it.

High investigative standards

However, I always will rise to the challenge and find new and innovative ways to solve problems and implement higher programming standards.


My latest projects.

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Life story

How it all began.

  • November 1993

    Born in Germany

    My name is Alexander and I am a 26-year-old guy currently living in Germany.

  • mid-2009

    10th Grade

    In 10th grade I discovered my passion for programming and wrote my first codes in the programming languages HTML and PHP until I started learning AutoIt.

  • end-2013


    After finishing school by doing my A levels in 2013, I started my training as Computer Science Expert

  • early-2014


    Contemporaneous I archived early successes in C# and also wrote several bigger codes for computer games (i.e. MMORPGS)

  • August 2014

    Application Developer

    I started my education as an application developer at the company Q:Marketing AG

  • July 2017



  • July 2017

    Sales Support

    I am working as a sales support at the company
    MR Service GmbH & Co. KG.

  • January 2018


    Searching a new job as a PHP Developer.

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